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May 29th to June 1rst
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Discover the new features of the Add-in of CATIA
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Type3 was created in 1988. Dedicated from the start to make parts communicate through engraving, sculpting, cutting and texturing, the Type3 solutions concept evolved over time to now include modeling and designing. From the creation of a single product, Vision numeric now develops four separate software solutions:
TYPE EDIT V12: for CNC mechanical machines, LASERTYPE V12: for laser machines, 3DESIGN V8: the 3D artistic CAD solution,
Type3 CAAV5 Based : dedicated to CATIA software .
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CAD CAM Software 2D & 3D TYPE EDIT LASERTYPE - software for laser machines engraving solution integrated in CATIA of Dassault Systemes 3DESIGN CAD/CAM JEWELLERY SOFTWARE